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2023/24 Rudens- ziemas krāsu tendences.

A little insight into the 2023/24 fashion color trends.   Bordeaux, preferably with large patter...

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2023/24 Fall-winter color trends.

Kā izvēlēties krāsas, kuras piestāv tieši Tev? Īsa ekskursija krāsu tipos.

Spring is here and you just want to change the dark shades of winter to something more cheerful! ...

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How to choose the colors that suit you? A short tour of color types.

Kādas krāsas būs modē 2023. gada pavasarī ?

This spring has started with quite an amazing color palette - one of the biggest surprises that f...

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What colors will be in fashion in the spring of 2023?

Kurš zīda veids ir labāk piemērots Tev? Zīda satīns vs saržs.

Silk scarves are a timeless accessory that can add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Whe...

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Which type of silk is better for you? Silk satin vs twill.

Ko darīt ar vecajiem un apnikušajiem lakatiem un šallēm?

It's no secret that wearing scarves (yes, also storing them in the closet) is a kind of self-indu...

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What to do with old scarves and shawls?

Kā kopt vilnu un kašmiru?

What to do if the wool product has shrunk after washing? How to deal with wool pilling and how to...

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How to care for wool and cashmere?

Šalles un lakati Presē

We are happy to cooperate with stylists and magazines, if you are a stylist, designer or photogra...

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Kā valkāt lakatu gredzenu ?

We are often asked how to wear a scarf ring! We publish this section with pictures and sources of...

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How to wear a scarf ring?

Kā sasiet Lakatu ? vol.2

Many different ways to creatively use a scarf - you will be surprised by some unseen ideas! Don't...

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How to tie a scarf? Vol. 2

Dažas idejas vasaras aktuālākaijem krāsu salikumiem!

Blue and yellow Neon shades - all together! Black, graphite and anthracite shades. Warm paste...

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Some ideas for the most relevant summer color combinations!