Kā sasiet Lakatu ? vol.2

How to tie a scarf? Vol. 2

Many different ways to creatively use a scarf - you will be surprised by some unseen ideas! Don't be afraid to experiment..

p.s. experience shows that the best scarves for tying different variations are our large 130x130 cm silk scarves, we often tell customers that a large scarf can always be tied with a smaller one but a small one can't be stretched - no way! :)


This way of tying a scarf will suit ladies who like to wear neck scarves - a slightly more unusual knot will introduce variations into the wardrobe! Our 90x90 cm silk scarves are very suitable for this knot.

Turban - summer headdress actuality no. 1! The 130x130 cm silk scarves are the best for tying the turban! (the lady in the picture seems to be using a 90x90 cm scarf)

Top made of a large silk scarf - complete with a folded scarf ring - this will be suitable for hot summer days or trips! Only large scarves 130x130cm will fit to tie the top!

Top from two scarves + belt!

A head cover in an elegant French style! It will look good with a classic style - medium scarves in size 90x90cm are best suited for this type of tying.


Hair ribbon - one of the fashion trends of 2022 - to tie such a hair ribbon - both small silk neck scarves 53x53cm and medium scarves 90x90cm will do just fine .

Another variation on the turban theme - a hair band for the summer and early fall. !

A top made of a scarf - to get this look and be sure that it will not slip - the best scarf. tie over the top of a strapless bra with a silicone strap. If you want to get this look, choose a medium or large scarf (90x90 or 130x130 cm).


If you want an exotic look - try this hair band-turban! To tie such, we recommend using someone. from viscose scarves!

Two current ways of tying kerchiefs at once - with a smaller kerchief you will get the look of a girl from the 80s, which is current this year, while with a larger kerchief, you'll be a bit of an gypsy. A girl's image, you can complement very nicely with a hat! Check out the last attached pictures - the small scarf and the medium scarf together with the hat!


Finally, some ideas on how to turn a scarf into an outfit detail.

May you have creative style transformations ☀️