About us

My name is Māra, I am a person who chooses the "Scarves and Shawls" assortment.

My scarf story began about ten years ago when I went to see the news at the Paris Fashion Fair.

I already liked scarves at that time, I often wore them and gave them to my loved ones, mom, aunt and girlfriends.

The last day of the fashion fair had arrived and I had to go home. I'm looking for gifts to take home, wandering the streets of Paris in search of gifts. It was raining. My attention was drawn to a small shop with a slightly shabby signboard, but bright scarves in a dusty shop window.

It was a wholesale of scarves with a wonderful offer. I saw that I would "fall" here for several hours to choose gifts not only for my family but also for my friends, because, as in wholesale, the minimum purchase amount is not a few scarves.

After several hours of creative torment, I finally left the store with a pretty big bag. When the suitcases on the way home it became clear that sports shoes and cosmetic bags would be left in the hotel and would not fly to Latvia. My suitcase tore at the seams from the scarf pressure.

That's how my Scarf story started - I started selling scarves that I didn't give away to acquaintances and acquaintances .. At first my show rooms were my living room .. then there was a small corner in the jewelry workshop .. online store. He started traveling to Latvia behind a bigger box with French scarves.

I really like to give presents, the selection process itself is often several months long and a bit reminiscent of a detective - research to gather information, listen to the other person's wishes, pay attention to the news in his or her wardrobe! And the main thing to do it all so that the partygoer does not have any suspicions :).

I am inspired by the wide range of imagination that one accessory can give. Ability to vary, tie in all ways. I am a person who likes to experiment with my clothes, but the daily rhythm really does not allow me to maintain a very spacious wardrobe and there is not much time to spend in the mirror every morning. Therefore, very often I choose bright accessories in the usual black color and basic wardrobe.