Kā izvēlēties krāsas, kuras piestāv tieši Tev? Īsa ekskursija krāsu tipos.

How to choose the colors that suit you? A short tour of color types.

Spring is here and you just want to change the dark shades of winter to something more cheerful! How not to get confused in the bright offer of spring/summer collections and choose those shades that will highlight your natural beauty, eye, hair and skin color. 

We offer you a simple color scheme used by stylists all over the world. 

Characteristic of the type of winter or cool saturated colors

• Hair: natural ash gray, dark brown or black.

• Eyes: Blue, bright green, grey-brown or dark brown, whites of the eyes - bluish white.

• Skin: very fair, porcelain white, may have a bluish tint or olive tint.

• Suits: Clean and bright cool tones - blue black, charcoal black, silver gray, snow white, lemon yellow, ruby pink, royal blue, lavender purple, lush green and dark brown.

Typical of spring or warm float colors

• Hair: natural golden red, light chestnut or honey.

• Eyes: light blue with a greenish sheen or warm brown.

• Skin: beige, peach or ivory, with freckles. Those belonging to this type blush quickly, and then peach blushes appear on the cheeks.

• Suitable for: light blue shades with a warm shade, juicy salad green shade, honey yellow, beige shade, gray with a warm shade, salmon color and coral red.

Characteristic of summer or cool float colors

• Hair: natural light brown, medium brown, ash blonde or ash auburn.

• Eyes: light brown with a grayish, greenish or bluish tint, whites of the eyes - cream.

• Skin: cool pink or light olive, marbled cheeks. Those belonging to this type tan quickly in the sun.

• Suits: All Cool Pastels - Light Pink, Raspberry Pink, Beige Pink, Lilac Purple, Off-White, Straw Yellow, Smokey Blue, Denim Blue, Gray Green and Light Turquoise.

Autumn, or typical of the type of warm saturated colors

• Hair: natural red, auburn, grey-brown with a warm shade, copper tone or orange.

• Eyes: green, gray with brown veins, amber or blue with a warm tint.

• Eyebrows and eyelashes: usually light brown.

• Skin: peach or beige, ivory with peach blush or darkened, may have freckles.

• Suitable for: golden, beige and brown tones, mustard and corn yellow tones, champagne color, sweet cream color, gray with yellow tone, brick red, tomato red, peach, blackberry, khaki and green pea color, orange pink tone.