Kādas krāsas būs modē 2023. gada pavasarī ?

What colors will be in fashion in the spring of 2023?

This spring has started with quite an amazing color palette - one of the biggest surprises that fashion analysts have come up with is that black will be in one of the most actual colours this spring! No, you did hear right. Black and blacker, as well as bold graphic patterns will be in fashion this spring.

The next fashionable color is not surprising - it is the yellow of the sun, or sunflower yellow, in fashion magazines, yellow is used together with blue in especially stylish combinations.

Magenta - i.e. violet tones retain their relevance from last year. Oh, these bright and saturated tones.

Lavender and soft pastel violet tones, as well as all powder pink tones, become especially relevant every year for spring, soft tones that help you look younger and fresher.

Blue - if there is a color that never goes out of fashion - it is blue. 

The unusual and deep copper green shade - new this season! A very nuanced and aristocratic color.