2023/24 Rudens- ziemas krāsu tendences.

2023/24 Fall-winter color trends.

A little insight into the 2023/24 fashion color trends.


Bordeaux, preferably with large patterns, noticeable print!

Bold color combinations in the brodo range will be relevant this season

Rolled together with green - this combination of colors, both by combining plain clothes in both of these colors, and by choosing ready-made accessories with both of these shades!

Huge black and white patterns can combine checks, stripes, and polka dots in look .

Moss green, all clothes in one tone from the ends of the hair to the heels! only the material changes, from transparent silk to rough leather!

Warm, or pastel pink, this season is called the Strawberry Cream shade - combines several nuanced warm pink shades in one piece of clothing.

Blue shade of bleached jeans with various graphic accents.


In general, the range of the most current colors of this season looks like this - a lot of warm tones and halftones.