Kā kopt vilnu un kašmiru?

How to care for wool and cashmere?

What to do if the wool product has shrunk after washing? How to deal with wool pilling and how to prevent it?

This time we will look at the topic of wool and cashmere fabrics, how to care for them so that they retain their original appearance and color as long as possible.

Vilna  Clothing and scarves made of natural wool have excellent thermoregulation properties: woolen products warm very pleasantly, they can absorb a lot of moisture and quickly remove it. Unlike artificial fibers, wool is neutral to dirt and almost does not absorb odors. Thanks to its natural self-cleaning ability, after a short period of exposure to fresh air, it again smells neutral and fresh.

Cashmere is a type of wool fabric that made from Himalayan cashmere goat wool. This is how the name of the fabric - cashmere wool - was born. Cashmere is a natural fiber known for its extremely soft feel and excellent insulation. The fibers are very fine and feel almost like silk to the touch. Cashmere is significantly warmer and lighter than sheep's wool. It is often made from a wool blend and mixed with other types of wool, such as merino, to give it more weight because its fibers are very fine and thin.

Cashmere should be hand washed in cold water using a gentle detergent. Never hold a cashmere sweater by the shoulders after washing, as it will stretch! Then, wrap the garment in a towel, carefully squeeze out the excess water, and dry it flat.

It is recommended to wash woolen fabrics only by hand and at a temperature lower than 30 degrees (according to the Celsius scale) woolen and cashmere fabrics should not be scrubbed or washed in a washing machine.

What to do if the fabric does shrink? One of the more unusual ways is to wash the wool product with smoothing hair conditioner and stretch it wet to the desired size. In this way, it will be possible to repair products that have shrunk by no more than one size.

To dry a woolen fabric, scarf, scarf or sweater, you should not press it hard or "cut" it, it is recommended to dry it by gently pressing its fiber so that excess water drains away. Woolen fabric should not be dried quickly to avoid shrinkage, woolen fabrics and sweaters should be hung away from radiators at room temperature.

Wool and cashmere fabric is washable - the higher the percentage of wool and cashmere in the product, the more likely it will shrink - so it is not recommended to carry heavy bags on wool and cashmere sweaters in order not to rub the fabric. If the lint and lint still accumulate, it is recommended to buy an electric fabric lint and lint remover, it can give wool and cashmere fabrics a "second life" several times.

Ironing - it is not recommended to iron wool and cashmere fabrics with an iron - it is best to use a "steamer" or a steam broom to iron them.