Stila pdomi - kā atsvaidzināt garderobi ar lakata vai šalles palīdzību?

Style notes - how to refresh your wardrobe with a scarf or shawl?

We are often asked how to properly wear a scarf or shawl ?! There is no right or wrong kind. To encourage and inspire, we publish style pictures from the collections of well-known fashion designers and street-style photos!

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ideāli piemērota kombinācijai spilgtai personībai! izmantot koša printa lakatu kā vienojošo elementu dažādas krāsas apģērbam- ja vēlies iegūt šādu tēlu šim ideāli piemēroti ir mūsu lielie zīda lakati!

This is the perfect way to wear a scarf for bright personalities - using a scarf as a unifying element to match different colored clothes! pay attention that the scarf in the waist is fastened with a belt, which is one of the fashion trends of 2021! If you want to get this look - choose one of our large silk scarves!


ziemas šalle, silta šalle

If you are a supporter of a certain color and this color dominates your wardrobe - choose one of the solid color scarves as an accent! You can choose several such accents and change them every day, depending on your feelings and mood. To get this look, choose one of the warm scarves or a mixed scarf of silk and viscose!

A variation on the theme - if you don't like colors! The lightness or darkness of the scarf can also be used as an accent. A Latvian is bright gray and gray can be a good accent in a black or blue wardrobe. Winter is the time of year when you can play with volume and choose a really big and nice scarf to wrap it in. In the section warm scarves and shawls you will find many beautiful shades of gray and beige.

If you are a supporter of the classic style every day and want a small accent - choose one of the small silk scarves, or a slightly larger one - for tying a medium silk scarf around your neck in a classic costume or dress!


Perfectly matched accessories - in this case the bag and the edge of the scarf in the same color! Explore your range of accessories and wardrobe. Any of our scarves or shawls will work to match the existing wardrobe, the main condition - color!

Print! If you are a careful color coordinator and you like pastel colors, enliven your wardrobe with a scarf or scarf of your favorite color! this time the chosen article or graphic will be decisive! visit the DISCOUNTS section of our store, where you will definitely find interesting options at very friendly prices! 

In search of new and unprecedented ways - or going beyond the usual - if you want to exhibit as a famous designer in a fashion show - choose one of the thin and sleek medium or large silk scarves, mixed composition scarves or artificial silk scarves! The main cover so that the scarf is big enough (at least 90x90cm) and not thick!

Thank you for reading - have a successful and creative Autumn! :)