7 iemesli kapēc šalle vai lakats ir lieliska dāvana !

7 reasons why a scarf or shawl is a great gift!

7 reasons why a scarf is a great gift! 
🎁Scarves are practical, in such climatic conditions as even a person who is not interested in fashion in winter wears scarves!
🎁No need to know the specific size. Although scarves and shawls have different sizes and different applications, they do not play a significant role in purchasing a scarf.
🎁Scar or scarf can be safely given to a person we don't know much about. The scarf is a simple product that can be given to distant acquaintances or relatives, the only nuance would be desirable. find out the color the recipient likes.
InotWhen giving a scarf, we show care and love ... Because who doesn't remember the iconic quote from Emil's works "Glavanais keep your feet warm" (in this case, to paraphrase - the neck)
🎁Scarves can be adjusted to different budgets, in the offer of stores you can find high-quality and beautiful scarves or shawls even under 20 eur.
🎁No restrictions on gender and age, often men's scarves look great for ladies in classic coats, while small silk scarves - for men in a jacket or suit breast pocket.
🎁 With a scarf and scarf it is possible to vary more than with any other accessory, it can be tied in different ways, such a gift is also suitable for creative personalities who love to experiment with their style.
Have a bright holiday and a lot of joy to both gift recipients and gift givers ❤️