Neparastas idejas, kā valkāt dažādu izmēru lakatus

Unusual ideas for wearing scarves of different sizes

Get inspired for summer - in this gallery you will find some ideas for your wardrobe!

Gives your character an unusual look - wear a scarf under a summer hat! for this purpose it is best to choose medium or large size silk scarves!

"Careless" throw on the shoulder or at the bag! Silk chiffon scarves will be suitable for this purpose - use the effect of airiness and transparency to their advantage, allow the fabric to "flow".

As an accessory to shoes - a great way to give a second life to your already worn but beloved scarf.

Instead of hair bands - at a time when ladies often choose silk hair bands and even pillows to protect their hair length and prevent them from breaking - choose a small silk scarf as an alternative!

Belt - for dresses and pants. Creates a playful accessory with a medium-sized scarf (at least 90x90 cm).

The part of the dress that is fastened to the waist with a belt - harmonizes the colors and allow yourself to fantasy - the medium (90x90cm) or large silk scarf (130x130cm) will be the best for this!